paper. ink. heresy.
independent visions, undiluted

There are two kinds of truth. One is the accepted truth. It's the truth of the state. The church. The academy. The mass media. Its veneer varies from left to right, from gentrifying hipsters to smug suburbanites. It changes with shifts in political and economic tides, sometimes in almost indiscernible ways.

But this truth's essence is constant. It's the truth of happy endings and "progress." Imposed consensus. Forced smiles. No one goes to jail for speaking this truth.

And then there's the second truth. It's spoken in hushed tones in bars, factory floors, and subway platforms. It often has a harsh, bitter taste. It's the truth of those who speak from experience, not dogma. It's the truth of criminals, prisoners, and soldiers. And dissidents.

It's the reality masked by 24-hour cycles of propaganda and marketing. It's a truth of bloody noses and stab wounds. Of pink slips and arrest records. Of the betrayed. Of cannon fodder. It's the truth of genuinely free thinkers. This truth is literally marginal.

In an intellectual landscape that's largely homogenous and spineless, Dissident Books offers independent visions and accounts to those who have grown tired of adult lullabies. Our books are for readers who have both the stomach and the desire for the undiluted, no matter how strange, ugly, or sad it might be.

We have no alliances of any kind. Our sole agenda is dissent and disruption for their own sakes.